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Elsbeth, Peter und Lotta auf der Alpenpässetour 2008

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Important information!
Oldstyle or innovative ?
Above all we construct for the „eyes“.

A sidecar can be expedient, but technique and esthetics should be the main goal. Mueller-gespanne combine design with innovative technique, functionality and safety.

Generally our sidecars are all at least 1x retarded and are partly equipped with twinbrakes and safetybelts. Measurements of noxious fumes and detailed fotodocumentation of the reconstruction are also part of our standards. All sidecars are handlaminated and equipped with the Sauer-transversal-steeringwheel-swingchassis and can be individually customized and equiped i.e. different heights of window panes, hooded handles, roll-bars and ram-bars, lights, additional tanks, wheelvariations as well as any kind of technical and optical gimmick.

We produce your sidecar according to your special wishes.

Ask us. You tell us your ideas and wishes, we make your dreams ridable..............

What to expect from us?

From means of transport to „Work of Art” made by Sauer.

We equip any given motorcycles with sidecars. You may choose between complete makeovers and precision engineered sidecars for your individual need.

Mueller-gespanne combine design with functionality and safety. We offer friendly and competent consultation and support service as well as a clean and clear workshop which you may and should look at.

Your vehicle is in good care. Starting with the first consultation to the final airbrush-coating we want to work hand in hand. You tell us your individual wishes and dreams - we design and produce your unique piece.

That can be a touring,- sport-, oldstyle- or cross-sidecar as well as a special design for handicapped people. Outstanding, secure and certified undercarriages licensed by the german Tüv (an indipendent control authority) with recognized high practical- and salesvalue. Fulfils the prescribed expertise ECE 78 for brake-installation and operational stability. Please compare this to our competitors.

The specialization into sidecars-engineering includes our own wheel-integral-brakes, the construction of swing-supportframes and sidecars and the development of technical innovative detailsolutions.

The fame of the company Mueller is accounted to the high effort for safety and the attention to individual over-all sulutions. Our partners and suppliers are all master-craftsman.

We also offer pilot-training with great success. Whether advanced training with your own sidecar on glidingranges and slalomcourses, wether free training on short racingcourses or kartcourses or High-end-training on the Nürnburgring Nordschleife (professional racingcourse). All that counts is much fun and pleasure while safely learning more.

Results from those „Tests of materials“ are continuously flowing into the further development of undercarriage-technique. Since 1994 we annually test all our new models for 3 days on the Nürburgring Nordschleife to ensure the very best contruction.

Feel free to contact us for a first consultation.

Our homepage is only on german, but don´t be worry.

Send us a mail, ask us, tell us your whishes and we will send an special offer in english to you.

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